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Doesn't work

I was interested in creating a magic eight ball with custom answers, and this app seemed exactly what I was looking for. Except the interface for creating custom answers is broken. Just presents a blank pop up. This app is too buggy to be worth your time.


Would not let me customize my answers. That's the only reason I downloaded it.

Ummmm. No

I downloaded it, and it wouldn't open for me. Would not recommend either.


The app is free but it's just stupid I don't get how some people actualy bought this app it's amazing what people buy from this app store!


This app is a good idea and all. I like how you can customize the answers. But it sort of freezes on me all the time and then exits out in it's own. Cheap but fun.


I think it's really fun. It's a great time killer. I like that you can customize the answers. Sometimes the results are so accurate that it's almost freaky. It'd be cooler if it had an 8 ball look but overall it's a good app

Kinda lame

Should be free.


Don't buy it booooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun fun fun!

I got pretty creative with my answers. Looking forward to an update with more room for answers.


It is okay it's fun to have when your bored but I definetly would not buy it! But overall it was ok


it was nice but there is no color and and it made it boring!!


I, too, am perturbed by the removal of the 8 ball interface. Used to love this app, but now have removed it.


I paid for a "Magic 8 Ball" not this plain junk! I only bought it because of the magic 8 ball look. I'd rather have my money back than this! :,0(

I would give it no stars if I could

I paid for the Magic 8 ball not this crap. Where is the cool Icon? where is the 8 ball? bring it back, I wish I could get my 99 cents back, this program is now totally different than what I paid for.

Where is my 8 ball??

Liked and bought this app originally for the real authentic 8 ball look. And now er are stuck with this crappy interface. I want the old version back or my money back.

Very nice! Again I like magic skull better..

I wish magic skull had the customizable features...I like this better then the iAnswer..but Magic Skull Most.. this second... Good idea on the new features..NICE! I rate on what is advertised not comparing to top 5! (Magic 8 Ball Junkie I guess... )

Big step backwards

Not only have you changed the icon to an AWEFUL one, you have also screwed up a cool app by getting rid of the 8-ball interface. That's the whole reason me and I sure others got this app. Change the icon back and the interface back but keep the other improvements.

Magic 8 Ball was better.

The interface is completely screwed now. I paid for an 8 Ball, and suddenly my application turns into a rectangle that talks. Not only does it completely defeat the purpose, but it's not what I paid for. Plus, now I have to deal with the tacky title on my home screen. It looks like crap; find a real word so it keeps the standard of class Apple has set for its products. Thanks. I'll be sure not to make the same mistake again.

Okay for $.99...

Only 8 possible answers? Replies are not what I expected and no facility for editing/adding other phrases. 2 Letters on the top line, 4 on the middle line and 6 characters max on the 3rd line... Can this program be improved? "Signs point to yes" Update: Looks like this program is no longer called Magic 8 Ball. Those that paid $ .99 for the original one, won't get this new update.

Re: proposed update-the die text orientation is upside down

Not to be too picky, but one of the standard responses on the 8 ball is concentrate and try again. First word requires 11 spaces which still won't fit even after the update! How about replicating the official ball thereafter leaving it up to the user to decide if he/she wants to change any of those, but at least we can get the standard 20 responses on this thing, yes?

Best Magic 8 Ball

I think this is the best Magic 8 Ball app for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It looks better than the other ones. I love how you shake it to get an answer. I cant wait for the update. Well worth 99 cents.


LOL this Is the perfect example on how cheap app consumers get these days. I think I don't know about some of you but 99c for a magic 8 ball with customizable answers is a good bargain. I apologize if I'm getting harsh, but these low reviews promoting other products plainly because they're free? Ridiculous... Keep up the good work and I can't wait until the update. Thanks to those that are writing real reviews.

Very Fun

This app shows how much fun you can have with an iphone. For 99 cents it is well worth the price. The customizable answere is a nice touch as well. If you are on the fence about purchasing this app, I would say just go ahead and do it. You won't be sorry, and who knows when you will need a little help making a tough decision in life...

Forget The Others & Buy This!

First, when someone does something first, they deserve some credit and here it is. Sure there are "free" versions of this classic, but I like this version more than enough to pay a "buck" and so I did. The application does exactly what it should and looks very much like the original ball I first saw when I was young. Just remember to swipe it with your finger to reveal the answer and then make sure your better judgment agrees before following the instruction. My Kudos to DoApp and please do give us more things to play with, we sure need the distractions right now. As to those who like to review that which they have not purchased... Grow Up!

the ability to *create your own answers* sets this one apart!!!

it works great- and note in the description the major things they're adding - yikes! a complete fortune-teller in your freaking pocket!!! if you download now, you automatically get the update soon as it's available

Love This App

Yes, I know it's not the most serious "app" out there, but still it is fun. I love that doapp, inc. is improving it from 8 answers to 20 and increasing the amount of letters and lines. It will give much more flexibility in the answers!

i feel cheated

The reviews here were good so I spent the buck to get it. Instructions say to turn your phone over, shake, then turn it back over and it will reveal your answer. It shakes, but it doesn't reveal the answer when you flip it over. WTF? Plus the sound is annoying as hell (turn it off). Would have given it a better review had it functioned more like a real Magic 8 Ball where you can shake it right-side up and have it do its thing. DoApp can do better than this.

Good but needs more...

I really like the idea and price of this app, but there are a few things that need fixed. The app doesn't respond that well to the accelerometer, I end up having to shake the iphone extremely hard, I would hope in an update they make it more sensitive. Also when editing the answers you can only have a sertain # of characters per line: 2:4:6. It would be better if it were 3:5:7. When I go to sync with itunes it does not show Magic 8 Ball, even though it is on my iphone, anyone else have this problem? Good start- look forward to an update fixing these issues.


Dissapointed in the "2D" pancake visual when rolling the 8 ball over. Since it is a pay app, they really should have taken the time to make it a more realistic "3D" ball roll.

"Custom" answers are limited to VERY short answers

Program looks OK. Not great but not too, too horrible. But forget the custom answer thing. You can only type 2 characters on the first line. That limits you to very few words. 2nd line = 4 characters and 3rd line = 6 characters. With only 8 answers, there aren't enough possible answers either.

Not nearly as good as it could be.

Was hoping to see more realistic die-in-liquid action but the visual is pretty rudimentary. Also, the die appears to be 8-sided in the visual, not 20-sided as in the original. And as others said, you're only allowed to customize 8 sides. This could be so much better.


Works well ...


This ap worked well at first but when I went to use it a second time, my I-Phone crashed, displaying a screen of diagonal lines. I can't even shut my I-Phone off. This is a Magic 8 Ball of DEATH! BE WARNED!

Room for improvement

I think I'll hang onto this til the next version. The number of characters is quite limited and you cannot add more than 8 answers - which should be easy to change. I would've liked to have seen at least as many answers as the orginal toy. Very cool idea, but not great implementation...yet.

Fun to use and good price

99 cents is a deal for this. I have a real one and paid ten times more than that. The die floating to the top looks darn real too. I love that you can edit the answers. I wish I could put longer words on the answers though.

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